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June 11, 2020
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AQUASYS – High Pressure Water Mist Fire Protection System

System Design

Efficient and effective​​

The highly-efficient AQUASYS firefighting system is ideal for a range of applications. The system consists of a high-pressure water supply unit combined with section and alarm valves, flow monitors, pressure switches, warning devices and AQUASYS high-pressure mist nozzles. A distinction can be made between a closed system and an open system in the system design:


Closed system

This system, which is mainly used in buildings, is characterised by its autonomous activation in case of fire. The entire pipeline system is filled with water and is set under a stand-by pressure, with the exception of the nozzles sealed with thermal tripping elements. An installed stand-by pump (IP) permanently maintains this pressure. Thermal tripping elements burst when they exceed defined temperatures and immediately release the high-pressure water mist (HPWM). The resulting pressure drop (alert via pressure switch [PS]) automatically starts the main pumps, which ensure that the HPWM system operates at full capacity.

Open system

This system, which is preferred in industrial applications, is characterised by open nozzles, dry pipelines and the activation of predefined extinguishing sectors. The pipeline system is filled with water up to the section valves (DVS). When a warning is triggered by the detection system, the associated sector valve is activated and releases the water flow to all the nozzles in this sector. The resulting pressure drop (alert via pressure switch [PS]) automatically starts the main pumps, which ensure efficient firefighting across the entire section.


Additional Information

The outstanding impact of the AQUASYS extinguishing systems provides a range of benefits compared to other extinguishing systems and media. The positive properties of water mist also allow grease and liquid fires to be effectively extinguished.

Low water damage due to the high efficiency of water mist.

No risk to individuals Water mist is safe for humans.

Small water storage quantity Savings of up to 90% are possible

Environmentally friendly water is a natural extinguishing agent

Solid-substance and liquid fires due to the unique extinguishing properties of water mist

Small pipe diameters Enables quick and easy installation

High cooling effect Protects the building structure and prevents spreading to other potentially flammable substances

Three–dimensional propagation similar to gas Also reaches hidden sources of fire

Washing out of flue gas Improved air quality

No prior warning time immediate activation after detection is possible

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